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Really I have no reason, I just try paint from what my heart is feeling. Home is an abiding theme with me. There is something rich and deep in the meaning of home. It is a sanctuary from the harsh ways of the world, the slings and arrows that can hurt. A tangible materiel home is a place where we feel safe, surrounded by warmth and love and happy comforts.

But, more than this, home is a metaphor, to me. It is the tangible symbol of that place within ourself, that core of our being, the Real of us that stands steady, true, knowing I am safe and secure in the world.

It is wonderful to create a safe and beautiful home here in the world. But it is more essential to find that Home is the very Self of us. We are the living, holy and divine sanctity of Home. It is here within us, when we find our Real Identity.

That Self of us, it is the one that understands the world, and so therefore, is not afraid to Live fully in the world.

When we find our own Inner Light of Being, we can live open and freely, self assured, knowing that we are always Home. Once we find our Self, then, no matter where we are, or what happens to the tangible things that we value so much – we now know, we are always Home. Home cannot be lost because this Identity we are is always right where we are.

This journey in the world is our time for Self discovery. Which means, it is a time when we leave our Self, much like the prodigal son, we leave Home, we leave our Heart behind, and we travel far, far way from our Self and we get lost in many strange lands and frightening places. Eventually using those painful travels to induce our longing to find our way Home, back to our very own Self. We are on the trip to return to our Self, to come Home to our Self.

Life is a Love story unfolding for each and every one of us. And in this life time, or the next- we will all find the honest Heart of our Self, and in that, we will shout that sweet Hallelujah “I’m home!” In love again, here, we are held close and safe, in this abiding peace, security, warmth and comfort of our very own wondrous Self. Right here, we find the one we thought we might have lost forever. Holy, wholly beautiful it is to come Home.


  1. 11-18-2018

    The mind will never comprehend
    the story of Reality;
    Of that which has no beginning,
    no middle, no end.


    • 11-26-2018

      I love that – that’s exactly right – way too mystical and incomprehensible – but the pure heart can understand, feel, touch and know this sweet vision –