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 William Samuel told those who came to learn from him that it is wise to look for the good in all things. Through his beautiful teaching, I came to see for myself, that there is this joyful sparkling light of Life that continues to bubble from the divine and endless Source that moves all things. This bubbling Light is being the Light of everyone of us. Yes, It’s easy to see in those we love. No problem there. But there is something good in everyone, everyone has a redeeming value hidden somewhere. So, we look for the good, and we do find it. To see the divine bubbles. Kids love bubbles. For me, finding the good, the beauty, the bubbles in others, is a very necessary thing to do. The sweet joy that happens within my heart, is well worth the endeavor. Once we find that good in others – then we see it magically appearing as good, as light, as love, as joyful bubbles floating everywhere in our life. Does this sound naive? It’s not.  It brings a deep and abiding peace to our heart and we get the joy of living It. This grand interface with the Infinite view allows us all to see the beauty in others, even when it might be difficult to do. Seeing the bubbles lifts the world. Such a lovely lesson. A champagne Life it is. We are the bubbles, we are the esprit, the sparkling effervescence, the sweet laugher of God, the uncorked Joy of Being, bursting forth as worlds within worlds. Each of us the only one creating our own world. How can this be? And yet, here it is, proving to be so, in all ways.


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