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Life, life, the joy of the journey back to our self. It’s like coming home. We feel a sense of wholeness. No longer alone and separate from ourself. We find home is here in our heart. We re-unite with the soul of ourself. Here, within, from this wholeness we can trust our heart to know. Home, here in ourself, as ourself, we are strong, stable, resting in a deep and abiding peace and understanding. We make the return to our original, pure heart. We are in touch with the inner light of ourself that lives unbound from conditioning, unharmed by time and trouble. We find ourself complete. We treasure this sanctuary of genuine identity. We are assured, fearless and happy, whole and content. Here, we live from this illimitable source of a flowing divine intelligence. This is our own heart.  We all have this heart of knowing. We all have this pure soul and its sublime clarity. This life time or another, each will come to know the living joy, this grace of balance and freedom. Then, feeling at home in the world, the world reflects our wholeness, our beauty, our valor and love. Whoever we are, we live this gift of our self and it blooms right here in the world. Discovering, uncovering ourself, we are undivided, complete, no longer seeking or needing, we are filled with the sense of abundance and peace. Here within ourself, we find ourself rich and beautiful, filled with a gentle love, an honest love that holds us close, next to Reality. We feel like a child, pure, happy, carefree, bright, innocent and true.  

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  1. 9-25-2018

    “Home is where the heart is”.