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The old bastard, that’s what William Samuel calls the ego.  I love that. I love the unpretentious nature of the way he writes and speaks – he speaks to the heart of us, the real of us that does understand.

Bill would make me laugh so much. No wonder he became my philosophical, spiritual mentor.  And his honesty, how much I love that raw, fresh, living force of “Yes!” – Ahhh the feeling, the sweet knowing, being touched by the Truth, Something Real dawns with a clarity so gentle, so easy to know. Sweet Life.

Blooming wonders, I see it all unfolding as joyful glory. And then, to realize it’s all here, in this open heart, right here in the tender feeling, seeing, watching it all bloom, a graceful, colorful garden, honeysuckle magic filling the air.

My favorite book of his is “The Child Within Us Lives!.” This is the most remarkable book, it’s pure soul and an unbridled delight of unfiltered wisdom that leads us home. Personally, I think this book was written for those who want to take a leap out of conceptual dogma, the non-dual absolutisms, to find that nothing is eliminated here. Grander than an objective world, more than the subjective vision – here we find the personal, the impersonal, and the Child that lives them both, but is so much greater than and more marvelous than the two. Oh my sweet joy. It is to live this, the unknown, to feel the joy of love and the living wonder of being yourself, being up close and natural. A seed is planted and then, without doing anything, an explosion of truth bursts into glory. We see things are inexplicable, and we understand there is more, so much more. The door opens, we walk on in. The rushing vitality takes us, it takes us into itself and we grab it, and we run with it. Free as the wild winds. We find the dance, as natural as the sun and moon frolicking together to the rhythm of the celestial symphony. It’s easy, its swing, it’s boundless and eternal and it’s all right here in our heart.

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    “… to take a leap out of conceptual dogma…”
    – says it all …