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4th of July, Independence Day. It reminds me that this country is made of strong, self-reliant, intelligent individuals. We are free people, independent thinkers, each of us quite capable of making things work for ourself. Tough and brave, bold and sassy individuals, we don’t get knocked down easily. As sovereign individuals and free-thinkers, we know that the very fact of being alive is risky. And I keep in mind that this sovereignty is reflected in our Constitution. Yes, Life is beautiful, but we know it also challenges us all, every one of us, in all kinds of ways.

However, the joy is that we step up to the plate and we go for it. Life is our opportunity to prove our own mettle. Not to prove it to others, but to prove it to ourself. The joy comes with the spirit within us. We realize that it is a grand and divine experience to be alive, to be here, to exist. We don’t want to be protected from living. It is a sweet wonder and a pleasure to be alive and to be free. Yes, freedom is a bit risky, but it gives us the opportunity to feel life, and get to know ourself, while we’re here. As Americans, as people, as a country made of brave hearts and agile minds, we take any threats to our freedoms and our lives as incentives to grow stronger, to learn, to reach higher vistas, to explore and dig deeper. We will not be brought down by interceptions, but we use the challenges as momentum to lift ourselves up.

Our freedom begins with the realization of our own individual inner strength and the powerful realization of who we are. Here, as myself, true to my self, bold and confident, I don’t want to be protected or taken care of by a government that believes itself to be the big daddy or a government that thinks it is my god. No, I want to live and experience what I am capable of on my own, my own authority based in my own gifts of revelation. Like a kid learning to ride a bike, I want the training wheels taken off. If I fall, I will get back on and I will learn. I want to learn. I want to know what it feels like to ride in the wide open freedom of this sweet life. Just me, independent, and right up close to life – knowing that I have all it takes to do this all by myself. —
With all my love, always  –  Sandy Jones 


  1. 7-4-2018

    Hi Sandy,
    Happy Independence Day.
    Freedom is a complex and perhaps difficult topic to discuss with most people, since freedom is not what most people believe it to be.
    People in prison and other dead end confinements have expressed the great joy and freedom of the life they are.
    I appreciate how you chose to describe the feeling of freedom from the perspective of the culturally popular “American Dream”.
    It is a nice “pick-me-up” message for most people.

  2. 7-5-2018

    Yes, it’s about the strength and divine potential of the individual. That real freedom starts with and through the individual, one to one with his own conscience and his connection to the transcendent and sacred.