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I trust that whatever unfolds out there on the political scene, will eventually lead to something good, sooner or later. As for me, I’ll keep my own council and stay with what I know to be right in my own heart. Which is, that I am at peace, that something wonderful is being this life I am. That I have found an immediate and unfluctuating love. That’s enough for me. It’s my very identity, I feel this delightful childlike wonder within me. I feel an optimistic joy in this world of mine. I have sprung up from a genuine root made of love. A tree in bloom, that’s what I am. I have found there is Something greater than all things, greater than time. The holy presence of Love stands here, steady and true, strong and clear to me. I feel a fresh breeze blowing through me. It lifts me off my feet, it takes me along on the ebbing and flowing currents that swirl and dance me to this heavenly love song I hear. I found my own soul and my ways sometimes appear naive to others. But if my heart is naive, I’ll keep it. This powerful, fearless beauty of what I feel was not easy to come by. I doubt I would have ever volunteered for it.  No, I was forced to let go of all that I held tight to, that I might find this naive, humbled, exposed, vibrant, joyful heart of mine. I was torn open, stripped down bare, but in my undoing I found the core of something real and everlasting. From this I became happily innocent and free. I feel life loving me, moving me along in it’s goodness. It’s a joy for me, a kind of risky but sweet freedom to be vulnerable to whatever happens. I’ve found a potent magic in trusting life, which is trusting myself – It works for me. I’d never tell anyone what to think, or what to do. I have no desire to control others, or to try to control circumstances or situations that I cannot control. I can do what I can, leaping in, I love doing what is given to me to do. I found that everything works rather brilliantly when I live trusting life, touching the depth of it’s wondrous holy beauty here in my heart. This powerful love comes to me when I stay open and embrace this life. It’s strength is a tenderness that takes my hand and leads me. This love is the divine intelligence that knows things that I don’t know. I trust it. I’m happy to watch the marvel of this universe that happens all by itself. How or why things go the way they do, I don’t know, but they do – and in that alone is the living miracle. My spirit is filled with this joyful expectation. I look for the good in all things – and I find it. After all, the world is magic. Who knows when the delights of sweet surprises might come waltzing in, lift you off your feet to dance you to the mystical rhythms of this passionate, living love song.   


  1. 7-26-2018

    Excerpts from my song “YOU” that is reminiscent of the “dance” …
    Time is gone when I am with you
    Every moment something is new –
    You lift me up, you fill my heart
    With joy – you dance

    As you dance among the stars

    With joy – I laugh
    And you laugh with me

    And I embrace you,
    And I dance with you …


    • 7-27-2018

      A lovely addition -Sweet dance of life – thank you Walt –