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The genuine light of liberation and illumination comes with the discovery of the Child. The Child is our soul, our original self. Our one sweet, true selfhood. We could call it the Child because it is pure, pristine and unconditioned. It is our self before we began our life here in the world.  The true identity can be uncovered and set free to live again, here in the world and fully here in the world.  When we rediscover our heart, our soul, the real of us, we come alive. We feel like we did when we were children. We feel like we’ve come home. And by the very living of it, it proves itself to us.  

Having lived much of life without knowing who we are, and out of balance – when we find our self and it’s inherent balance, we know it.  There is no doubt.  

We know because we feel it.

Remember when you were a little kid, learning to ride a bike? It’s like that. First, you dared to try it. Then you got on your little bike and you kept falling over, unstable, unsure, wobbly and afraid. You had no idea what you were actually looking for. But you knew there was a way to ride the bike. And you wanted to find it. So, you kept at it.

It was the imbalance that told us to keep going, keep looking for the way this is done.  We struggled with the peddles, moving too slow and holding on too tight to the handlebars. The components of this wonderful dynamic of real balance were, at first, all separate and not working together.  

But soon, soon, it would happen.  For a moment, we felt it, we knew it. There it was. And we hear a little voice inside us saying “Yes, yes, that’s it, I felt it.”

For a flash of moment we felt the ease, the glide, the sensation of balance. It was there, it was undeniable, and it was wonderful. We knew what it was.

We knew what it was–so we kept going. Trying to find that again. And with a few more times and it was all ours. The fear vanished and love bubbled up into laughter and delight. We could do it. we could feel it, and we could ride our bike. This knowing was ours, all ours. We did it. We were free. Lessons and learning were over. Now we began the joy of riding. 

And the profound thing is that once we got it, really got it, then it made no difference to us whether we slid in the sand or hit a curb–we actually enjoyed the bumps, we would seek out the rocky terrain, the steep hills. The whole adventure of riding everywhere and anywhere became joyful — skidding, spinners, wheelies, cruising the streets and down paths through the park. We could enjoy the sights and sounds and beauty, looking around, able to keep our balance while not even thinking about it. We were having fun – it was easy – sweet and easy. The balance was ours, all ours, we owned it. 

We could ride along, playing, laughing, enjoying our friends, carefree and happy. We had the sunshine, the day, the fun, the shadows and the flickering sunlight through the trees. We had it all. Nothing could stop us now.

With Life, it is the same. We find this Balance, we find the Child, and we come alive again, and we are no longer afraid of Life. Here, from this third and all inclusive way of seeing and being, we don’t leave out any part of this Life. We embrace the whole wild ride, bumps and all. Tangible and intangible, duality and non-duality, including all possibilities in between. We enjoy our own living divine presence as one infinite existence. 

 There is no other way to experience this living wonder, beauty and grace of your own being, but to accept that it is between you and life alone. Leap in and give it a ride.

Knowing who we are, this, the balanced place, is real, it is liberating and marvelous. We prove it by living it, and living it, we prove it as life becomes joyful and rich, and full of light and happiness, full of energy, all kinds of love, bubbling love, a fountain of love and laughter .

When we find it, we can live from our own authority, stand free from the social conditioning,  because we know what we have found and we know how to ride.



  1. 4-25-2018

    Lovely metaphor Sandy! Nicely developed, step-by-step, taking the reader on the inward journey through common experience. This will connect with many – this is what I feel.
    walt <3)))

    • 4-25-2018

      Yes, a way to express how very experiential this childlike open hearted way of living is. You know it full well, when it happens. So many who cling to the non-dual dogma, without really ‘testing it” stuck in beliefs one being that they are not supposed to know it when they find it, or something like that- and really it’s quite the opposite, its so real, so life changing, and we do feel and we know it. That to me is the whole point of seeking to know the this self is to find this for ourself. Life and Identity are one. The closer we get to our heart and soul, the closer to the Living Presence and the more the world unfolds in all its wonder and beauty. Giving us all we want and need. Life is so beautiful, remarkable and magical.