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Outside my bedroom window the heavenly air filled with the precious scent of ambrosial jasmine and orange blossoms has awakened me from my sleep.

The window is open, and the sweet fragrance is moving through the cool and gentle night. The beauty of the silence in the dark is touching me, immersing me in its nectarous sweetness wafting with exotic pleasure.

The moonlight bathes the garden in its silvery glow. I am beguiled, intoxicated by the lingering sweet breath of these blossoms.

The benediction of the perfume floating on the midnight sky of shadowy dark tender beauty is lulling me softly back to sleep, to dream of you.


  1. 4-1-2018

    Beautiful post as ever Sandy. Could you advise me on the best way to follow your posts and to listen to wonderful Bill’s words as I no longer use Facebook. Much love and gratitude xc

    • 4-2-2018

      Hey, Samuel, thank you so much. Always nice to see you – and yes, I noticed you’ve been missing on FB. Though I do understand such a smart move. Makes sense to me. I do have one thing you will find quite wonderful. We just put a marvelous talk given by William Samuel on our Youtube channel at Youtube ‘william Samuel Woodsong Journals”
      watch the video of his ‘White, Georgia Seminar’ I think you’ll love that. I’ll send you an email with more information on how to follow my posts – Also, you can check our William Samuel website too- we are going to put a lot of good thing on there as soon as we can – you’ll like that too — – I love seeing you here, thank you – ­čĺĽ