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Finding, or reclaiming the sense of our own unique, individuality is the surest way to rid this world of corruption, inhumanity and savagery.  We could even restore entire countries by way of the power of the individual – single, alone and only.  Self discovery is the key. One by one, from the heart, alone, we make this personal discovery of our real identity – and dare to live it, and set ourself free.  

I also know that the source of authentic individualism is love. Love, in the highest form, is the living joy of  being wholly ourself. Through a change of heart, we find ourself in direct communion, moving with the living, divine intelligence of life, and responsible for ourself alone. 

Real creativity and self love blooms in knowing and fearlessly living our divine heritage, the light and soul of our true self.  This love has a mind of its own, liberated from stale, group think and herd mentality. It is a divine gift, the eternal living mind, pure vision, free to do whatever we do, straight from the heart.

Obviously, collective mind-set is ossified in rigid ideologies. This insipid arena of thinking is limited and based on fear, power and control.  But the soul of us, the real or us, the purity of the Child we are lives from the expansive river of awareness that is fresh, ever moving, alive and clear. 

Living in the light of understanding who we are, knowing our own heart, we thrive in the illimitable source, flowing free on the river of life, directly in touch with divine intelligence. This intelligence is discerning, it knows right from wrong, stands apart from the collective mind set and will not submit to indoctrination, propaganda, fear and the mainstream political ploys – or any of the latest opinions and agendas being foisted on the population, as truth.

To know the light and beauty of ourself is to live from the unbound joy of life.  We are free from the restricted mind set, when we rediscover our original identity. This self knowing changes our view of the world. We can live in this world, guided by this divine light of childlike innocence and tender hearted openness. The authority is no longer seen to be out there, in governments or regions –  but is found individually, as the very self we are.  Identity, intelligence and life are one.

This understanding delights in it’s own sense of sovereignty and domino. It is creative, whole, sees the irony, enjoys the humor and whimsy of it all – this is true. Those who stand solitary have found the living light, they are alive in this beingness of fresh, on going beauty – they are pristine, spirited, and sassy, playing in the wonders and mystery of life and love – bright and free.



  1. 2-21-2018

    Hi Sandy –

    This message is clear to me. Language tries, but fails to uncover the open secret, because language is all conceptual. We use language to hint at that which is not conceptual and totally outside of, and beyond the conceptual – i.e. the “ineffable”.

    In my case the language would come out significantly different.
    Whenever/wherever/however the ineffable is described, it will not be the ineffable – and yet the ineffable presence is there.


    • 2-21-2018

      Yes, it certainly is here – always – no doubt about it, but to realize and acknowledge that It is being all that we are – that’s the part each and everyone has do figure out and do all by their little ol self – such beauty and joy this life is – yes, and each living from this ineffable intelligence, fearlessly and in our own way, that seems to be where the real answers will come from – thank you Walt – 💕