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Joy of joy – running loose, unleashed, skipping and dancing here in my own heart.

True freedom is found within us, it comes with genuine understanding of who we are. It comes through our own, individual, personal self discovery.

When we discover who we are, then we are free from fear. We know that we are Life itself. We are as secure as Life is – and Life is not going anywhere and It’s certainly not insecure. Life is eternal. Life is and always has been and forever will be. Life is without beginning and without end. Sweet Mystery of this all pervading Presence. Life itself is fully being all that is and being all that you are, just it is is being all that I am.

Knowing, knowing who I am, I can do the rest of it just fine. Having my own life in my own hands, being my own authority and trusting in myself – all this is here between no one else but me and myself. This is all I need.

Our individual nature is divine and therefore we are strong, intelligent, wise and capable of knowing how to live in this time-space tangible world. Living in the fullness of life, willing to experience our own divine being.  It is a choice. We can live unleashed, leaping into life and riding on the expansive river of life, knowing, feeling, being this ongoing love and power that moves us. We are unleashed and letting the river, this living Tao we are, we let go and let it take us. When we do, we find ourselves thriving in the bounty of life, joyfully and prosperously.

We are the unbound delight of knowing and understanding. With this honest joy, we watch as synchronicity shows up, revealing the magic, showing us the way, bringing gifts. Now we recognize Life is here, especially for us, for you and me.

Individually, you and I, we are the very Light of freedom. No one has authority over us. Knowing who I am, being fearless, I have dominion. Not over another, but authority of knowing myself, dominion because I am free, trusting the very heart and soul of myself.  Find yourself and live again, here in the world, brave and bold and true. Nothing, not even death can take your unbound soul, the self you are, your living divine light, from you.


Unleashed – Read by Sandy Jones



  1. 2-13-2018

    Dear sandy, how beautifully you express life’s truths. Thank you and I thank William Samuel who was the catalyst to get you to this place, the Child Heart.

    • 2-13-2018

      Dear Hartwig – Thank you so much. Yes, William had a way with his message that touched my heart and set me free. This Child’s Heart of living energy can’t be held back from expressing my joy. I know this uninhibited love is the answer and so I rarely hesitate to share it in whatever way comes bubbling through me. And I do love doing so. I sincerely thank you, dear friend, for your happy heart and kind love over the years – yes, truely –