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Music and rhythm move through me. I’ve heard the celestial choir, and it’s real to me.  There are angels singing here in my heart.The music of my eternal soul.

This whole wildly wonderful world keeps bringing me these joyful surprises. Tangible evidence of the love that has found me.  It found me when I leaped into the idea that I have to live it, not just talk about it — well, if God really is all, if God is Life Itself, is All That Is, all that is, then, what’s to worry about, what more did I need to know?

Then, bravely, in faith, I leaped. I let go  – and I found myself again, born again. Life poured in and through me, I was fresh, new, alive, and real.  The feelings of being a little girl again, full of life, laughter, joy, all came back to me.  I am innocent, guiltless – like the little girl I once was as a child, fearless and funny, uninhibited and bubbling with feelings. I found myself and this world began pouring through me.

That was when I realized life really is love. This love takes nothing from us. It includes everything, all of it, all means all and nothing is outside of this Living Totality.  All attributes, all, beauty and light, including the organized and the unorganized, all time, past and future, the random, the distinctions, the individuality, the ego, the senses, the loved ones here and the loved ones no longer here – all is within the eternal wholeness of this Ineffable Totality.

All I know and live now, is that this expansive view included my entire world of tangibility, including myself, me, and all those I love. Noting is outside of this. I see the world of tangible things as the ephemeral beauty, evidence as reflection, mirrored image of the Divine and Changeless One.

It’s all about Identity.  I keep my heart wide open to this ongoing flow of ever present, changing landscape, the highs, the lows, the marvelous, sweet ebbing and flowing of the ten thousand things. I can watch it all coming and going, while still standing balanced in this changeless light that is being all that I am. This whole world is the living being of me, the unfolding wonder of all that I am.


  1. 1-27-2018

    Identity the reflection and reflexion of me …
    Thank you Sandy …
    walt 🙂

    • 1-28-2018

      Thank you walt – so sweet to see you here -but while I was gone, I did get my William Samuel website renovated and I love it. It suits his lovely childlike Light and Brilliance –

      • 1-29-2018

        Yes Sandy, I noticed. Very nicely laid out … love, walt

  2. 1-28-2018

    Thanks for that Sandy! Would love to figure out how to just let go.

    • 1-28-2018

      Dear Kevin – here is the short version of “how” – Once we actually realize that there is Something Here being this tangible world, ( I call it God ) Once we understand that there is Something without beginning and without end, the Ineffable Isness being all that is, being this experience of being, and being Life Iself and all that you are – well, then I think you’ll get closer to that feeling of the JOY of letting go – and in childlike trust you will just do it, you let go and let Life take you – You’ll feel like a kid running and jumping into the swimming pool on a warm summer day. –

      • 1-28-2018

        I am so grateful ,
        Love is loving Always

      • 1-29-2018

        Thank you Sandy. Sounds sooo nice!