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The rains have brought little sprigs of green grass, and the flowers are coming up. The trees are turning green, and young saplings are sprouting here and there. They are promoted by the inner stirrings of the Knowledge that leads them.

Knowledge, no matter which way I look at it, is orderly precision and random disorder, both at once. There is order in randomness and  randomness in order. Knowledge is total. It is Life itself. There is nothing outside of this. This Knowing must include it all, all opposites and everything that is. It is Knowledge that always was and forever will be. It is this knowing of life that I am living.  And It includes order and disorder – ad infinitum.

There are those who only believe in science, and those who only believe in something divine and immaterial. But, I have come to see that both of these views exist and prosper as one.

In infinite terms, for my heart to really understand this experience of Life, I must understand that Life is Knowledge. You know, God the All Knowing One, Divine Mind, Self-Aware Universe – Yes, that Knowledge. And this Knowledge includes the marvelous knowing that I exist. This Knowledge is   how I know I am. I cannot ever be outside of this Knowledge.

Knowledge is Love, it is the Divine Equation, the balance of being, giving and receiving. Knowledge is what we are. It is whole, complete, and total. Knowledge is not limited to science, but Knowledge includes all science.

I understand now, that the contradistinctions and inconsistencies must all be included in this living light of Knowledge. In understanding this, all restrictions are let go. It is love and love emancipates. I am released into the delightful, unrestrained freedom to be myself, the wholeness and holiness of myself and all my contradictory ways.

Here, I fall into nothing other than myself.  I am living all these inconsistencies and contradictions with an orderly sense of stable, easy-going love. I found this tender, embracing, love for all my undisciplined, irreverent, inverse, varying and playful ways. It also allows me to love my world as it is, and to love the ones I love for their many varied, disorderly, wholly multifaceted, all inclusive beauty. Sweet freedom. For me, it always comes back to this guiltless, pure, innocent, childlike, carefree, freedom.


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    It’s working again. Hooray!!! – joy, walt

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      Hey Walt – yes it’s back and I am happy-it’s got some new features that I can’t seem to figure out and I am still working on things – but I did miss being able to write – so this is very good – Thank you so much for your joy and love – Happy hooray – yes!