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Flower Fairies Sandy Jones

An intuitive clarity and intelligence blooms from within, when we discover our divine Identity. We can uncover and claim our Original Nature, the Child that¬†William Samuelspeaks of and encourages us to find. I know he is right about this. We can find our Real Self, it is the blessed freedom of the pristine, intuitive, intelligent Child that is not caught in the limited human mind-set, the false beliefs of the old man, the mistaken identity that is slave to an incorrect narrative. We are not bound to the human precepts of an objective body living in a world of time and matter. We are here to discover the Real of us, living fully, wholly in Love with All That Is. The holy Child within reveals what is true and real, our world comes alive with wonder and Light. We know – and we are not fooled or intimidated by the old paradigm, the false narrative steeped in error. We know for ourself “I and my Father are one, but the Father is greater than I.” We find our Real Identity that is always here, interfacing directly with the pure, pristine Natural Divine Intelligence, Life – God the Light of all that is, the Light within us that shows the way.