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Garden Table –Sandy Jones

How brilliant Life is. Nothing matters because It isn’t matter, it isn’t material nor as objective as it seems – Life isn’t what we think it is – it’s all holy Light, nothing else but the Infinite Mind of God. The old sage speaks in riddles and smiles knowing that “within a man of Light there is light, and he lights the whole world.” How can that be? Because he sees our world is subjective. Seeing who we really are, we know the Light of Life that is Real. Finding our Original Self, we are free from all the false precepts and ides about who we are and what life is – and we Live again, right here, right where we are. Nothing needs to be changed when we discover the Light of Life Within us “closer than fingers and toes” we know the holy One, the Divine Light, the Everlasting Beauty of the Perfect Self we are. We can uncover It and Live It’s unbound peace, abundance, happiness and love – right here in the world