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Blankets – Sandy Jones

Everything we need is within us right now. Love and tranquillity are already in our heart, waiting to be uncovered. We are victorious already. We can accept that truth, leap – and Live It. We can let go of all that guilt and fear that we’ve been programmed to believe and made subject to. Lies are powerless. We can release our Self from political and spiritual oppression. We are not subject to any thing or anyone. In the twinkling of an eye, we can leave it all behind. We find our own unbound freedom, our True Love, our Original Nature and the happiness of Living It now, not someday, but now. There is Truth In these blessed words of Catherine of Sienna “My me is God….Nor do I see any other me but my God himself.” We Realize we are the holy Child, the Divine Light is within us – and we claim our sacred right, our authentic freedom, our Heritage – and we Live It. The Divine Imprint is written in our Heart. We accept It.. We can uncover the genuine Joy and Live It’s unbound peace, abundance, happiness and love – right here in the world we are – the world within our own Infinite Beauty, the holy Perfection of All That Is