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Boccalli’s Sunset – Sandy Jones

We have arrived at a new juncture; subjective and objective are becoming understood to be One Infinite Living Presence. Life is not a material experience at all, it only appears that way. Now we know the world is not ‘out there’ it is here within our Self. There is nothing outside of this Self. The Self we are is the Immortal Infinite Mind of God and Its Awareness. The Light of Awareness, Is Present right here and now as You and Me. When we realize this, everything about us our way of being in the world becomes new. We live this sweet unfolding of our Self – from glory to glory. The Truth is that there is only one Life. What we do to or for each other, we do to our Self. What we think and believe is entangled, entwined and manifested in our world. We are the world we walk through. Certainly the wise ones have said this all along. Stand true to this Inner Light, the divine authority within and you – and you cannot be deceived. Soon, that which was hidden is revealed. The deception and lies will be uncovered. “The night of Brahman falls as soon as the harvest of the Seed is accomplished. The Morning of the New Day comes quickly