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Sea Breeze-Sandy Jones

Summer Solstice and we celebrate the magic, the mysterious wonders of heavenly sunshine, the cool salty air of the sea-breeze These are the days of the Child, when we live in wonderland. With a change of heart we see it is true. We are already on holy ground. When we change from within, we change our view point – we change our world. We break the spell of false beliefs – and now we don’t have to experience the world in the way we have been told. We are free from fear because we know who we are. We realize we have the power and the Power is the Light within us – the Light of Life given to us from the beginning. We accept our divine Heritage – we put it to the test – we Live It. Living It we know the Presence of God is Life Itself, here, now, always. No longer afraid to feel Life right up close, to live this uninhibited sparkle of the holy Child that listens and hears the laughter of God.