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By the Sea – Sandy Jones

The salty ocean air and the cool sea breeze is always here with me as the miracles of this holy Child-I-am. God’s Infinite Love is Freedom and God is All That Is. How beautiful that it makes no difference to God what we know or don’t know, what we do or don’t do, what we think or don’t think. God goes right on being All That Is.- without beginning and without end. This whole Universe is the Unbound Being of God. And there is no other One here. The Wonders never cease. How extraordinary to See that we are this Love, this divine Light of Life being Lived. As this Divine Identity we Live this Light of Liberty and Freedom – God is Unbound, God is not subject to external authority, church, philosophy, religion, government or whoever and whatever. We are this Unbound Light of the Divine. We find our own Way and let go of systems that would rule by fear and demand submission and control over others. Now we discover the Real Authority written here within us and we Live this Pure Light of our holy Spirit. That’s what Love is. That’s what Love does – and so we do –