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Buttercups – Sandy Jones

Life is One Divine Mind, the Intelligence of God Itself. We are Living in holy communion with God. Nothing would exist if God were not All That Is. Everything Lives in the perfect Balance of giving and receiving. This is the Divine Equation. We see It’s Infinite Perfection in all of nature. Everything flourishes and prospers when humans do not interfere with this Flow. We can see that nothing in Life thrives or flourishes when humans use deception and lies to get what they want. We see this manifesting as a world toppling down, out of balance, disparaging the Divine Equation right before our eyes. Life lets us know how It all works. Nothing in nature is greedy, dishonest or out of Balance, until the fearful, mis-aligned unaware, godless governing powers take control. But they are not in control and never will be. We see what is going on here and we no longer follow those who are incapable understanding how this Infinite Divine Mind of God is manifest through you and me. We shall keep our Heart open and Live the Wonder of Life. With the slightest bit of observation, we know what is going on. This Divine Equation is clearly being shown to us right here in the world.. For better or worse – we be it, we see it.