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Garden Picnic –Sandy Jones

The Changeless Reality/Godhead and the Ever-changing appearances of time and matter are One Living Presence. And we are Inseparable from this One Living Presence. When we realize this Truth about our Identity, we are set free. We find this inner Balance and we know it is Real. Like a kid on a bike, when he finds the balance it becomes his and he can ride wherever he wants. Knowing ‘who we are’ is to find the Balance within us – and we know it is ours. Now we feel the Joy of living this Balance here in our time-space world. We are set free to Live and to Love this world. The holy Child is the abiding Peace, the Stable Place between our Transcendent nature and our Imminent world. We come alive again, to the tangible, delectable, sensuous beauty and wonders of our existence. in this childlike faith, we are without fear, we know what has found us. Knowing this, we know what to do and how to do it. We are fearless, we stand true to this Light within ourself – this beautiful pagoda lantern in God’s Infinite garden lights our Way with Love.