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Rose Garden – Sandy Jones

As long as I listen to my own heart and stay true to my self, I know I will be going in the right direction. It is the holy Balance within that leads me. When we realize our Real Identity, we are changed by this Light of Truth, changed by this Love that comes to us. The change is evident to us – there is no doubt Something wonderful has happened. Peace and clarity takes us beyond the landscapes of the conventional world view. We have no desire to conform as we are no longer fooled by, nor subject to the empty nothingness being sold to us as true. The old fear based beliefs have lost all validity and are seen now to be nearly the exact opposite of this divine sanctuary that lives within our heart. Now Love leads the way. We become an open door through which angels can be heard singing to our world, healing our world, lifting us up in the holy silence of the night. In this tender childlike faith we are fully aware of God’s Infinite and glorious Totality of unbound Perfection. And It’s all here within us, here right now, as this Life of you and me. And how lovely to see the bees are here in our lavender garden that sits among the pink roses all in bloom –