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Open Window – Sandy Jones

There is no one and nothing outside of this Infinite All – here, there, beyond limits. This Life and Self are One. Life Lives as Something without a name and includes an ever-flowing, changing bounty of names and words and thoughts and things. All one Self. The Wonder of It All is Ineffable, Impossible – and Real. We know It’s Real because we are Living It. We are the Presence of Its Being, we are the Child of God like rays of the sun – One and only, immediate, directly, now as Love’s very own Self-knowing Awareness. Our heart knows – the tender, open, innocent, guileless, honest, holy Child-heart knows. All that Is, is being Its Self perfectly, just as it is. My joy comes from knowing – face to face with knowing – knowing there is no death – knowing God is Life – knowing Life has no opposite. We are forever one with the ones we love. There is no death of this pure sweet Light of our very own Being. We are, each and everyone of us – we are the Unbound Self-Knowing of God’s Immutable Mystery.