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Moonbeam –Sandy Jones

We come into the world pure and perfect, innocent and filled with wonder. But soon we are told what to think and who we are and we come to accept the objective, material view of Life. When all of society believes each of us to be a separate self, walking around in a material world of others – then we are bound to accept this mistaken perception also. This false precept causes fear and suffering. Believing our Identity is a little bit of life inside a body, brings us this unsafe feeling in the world. We are put on the defensive, we must protect ourself from all the things that are outside of us. We turn to governments, ideologies and authoritarian systems. We listen to the experts. But the experts don’t know anything because they were brought up under the same false materialism. However, we are coming to realize none of the old beliefs are true. We are finding our Real Identity. When we discover our divine heritage, we fall deeply in love with our world, the fear drops away, the Heart opens to Life Itself. We have uncovered the holy Child within us. And we know there is nothing outside of this Presence of God and this holy Child we are. The Light of Truth is discovered and becomes ours to live, right here in the world, just like this