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Blankets – Sandy Jones

Here’s something so sweet and pure and real and divine that has found its way to me, into my life – it is the holy Child. And now there is nothing I need to do, not a thing. No pressure to achieve, no conquering to be done, no battles to win. How glorious this freedom, this love is. The holy Child is freedom Itself, freedom from fear, freedom to live and love this world mightily. And I do. I feel the sweet delights of happiness, tender, loving, childlike wonder and a deep secure peace. Isn’t that beautiful? What a wonderful open road this Child has brought me to. It is a road not many are willing to take. We get to leave all the struggles, the issues, the fears, the past, all of it – we leave it behind, we rise above, we see the Light, we are set free from all that was never real. This way showed up, so I took it and it brought me straight away back to my original nature, back to my home, my divine identity, here, to live again – and so now I live It, just like this. Love is not guilty, not responsible, not obligated, not afraid. How beautiful Life is. Love is the carefree simple joy of Being and the holy Child Lives this very Being.