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China Cove – Sandy Jones

Holiness is the Joyful Freedom that returns to us when we rediscover our original, pure childlike Self. That’s the holy Child, and it Lives right here within us always. It is the Light that leads us through this Life and makes all things so much easier. Our Glimpses of Light and Understanding is the Enlightenment that comes from the Inner Heart of the Child. Nothing can define this Living Way of holiness. It is a Lightness of knowing that knows Itself. We find It again, we are born again, knowing and feeling this glorious Splendor of God’s Isness. Without struggle to become, to achieve, to get, to change, to heal. All that clutter of should and supposed to, the old human ideas of success, it all falls away. We have returned to our own Inner peace, the divine sanctuary within us. This Joy of enlightenment lives as the Playful holy Spirit of ourself found again. We begin anew, we start fresh, we let the world unfold as ever it will because we know it is God’s Light that Lives- and there is no other Light of Life that we can be. Now this powerful Divine Equation carries us along and works It’s wonders in mysterious ways