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Woodsong Journals – Sandy Jones

This Intangible Light of God is being this world of tangible things and being It All perfectly. Nothing Real is harmed. Images within Awareness come and go. God’s Presence as Awareness is Changeless. God is Love, unbound, untamed and belongs to no one. Nothing is separate from this Single One. There is no other – but God Alone. This world is God’s Awareness of Its Self. This Infinite All is not contained in human forms, mortal minds, organizations, governments, dogmas and beliefs. How glorious and marvelous this Living freedom of Love and its disorderly, unorganized beauty as far removed from humanity’s forceful presentation as a formal garden is to a meadow strewn with wildflowers. We are living the Unseen and the Seen, two polarities of the Infinite All and Its effortless Joy. God is Life and Its ‘ten thousand dualisms” are dancing in the bountiful holy sphere of Its Infinite Self. This Intuitive freedom I am tells me how to soar, how to fly, gliding naturally through this marvelous Life in childlike simplicity.