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Moon Light Mountain- Sandy Jones

Then we find our Real Self, the pure, pristine Mind of Self-Awareness. And we are guided by this Innate Intelligence within us. It is our Intuitive Self. We can discern the government message programmed toward group-thinkers. It appears our government is not working for “we the people” anymore – but for themselves. Thank God, you and I can use our own critical thinking, our divine Intuition that transcends this onslaught of lies and fear they create – then telling us we must trust them. We have reached the place where the road diverges. One goes upward the other goes down. I’ll take the upward direction that leads me back to the holy Child I am. I’ll hold the hand of this holy Child that shows me the Way. I will not let anyone else do my thinking for me. You and I are given the Light of Truth, it is our very Self. Trust your Self. You know the Way; trust God, the All and Only – the Honest Light of Life that is always Here, being this Life we are.