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Rose Garden – Sandy Jones

Seems like maybe we need to listen to our Self and not to what we are being told to think by the media that has been bought by who knows who or whatever rules this corporate monopoly. It’s a good time to find the Truth. The Truth with a capital “T”. Let that Mind of the Divine be that mind of our own Inner Guiding Light. Listen to Your Self, the one that is in tune with the Light of Truth, the Reality that Lives as the Presence of That Which is Being All of these ever-changing images within the Infinite Divine Mind and Its Single, Only Awareness. Our Self-Knowing is the One to Listen to Now. Yes, “To thine own Self be true.” There is a holy place within our Heart where we find the Divine Light, the Child who knows God without doubt. God, the very Life that Lives as Life – this Living Presence, Here and Now. Finding this powerful Light of our own Identity, our divine heritage, brings us this fearless Love.