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China Cove – Sandy Jones

Without the child, I could not have found this freedom to live the unbound Joy of Life in anything I had studied, and thought I knew on the intellectual level. The child of us is the heart of us, the love of us, the real of us. The intellect has its place, it is trained to think in certain ways, it is the predominate part of our experience – until the child is discovered – the child is still present, still unsubdued, still full of enthusiasm and excitement. When we find the child again, we don’t get rid of the intellect. We see there is a place for it, a balance of intricate beauty is struck between the eternal Child we are and its knowledge of the tangibles, which are what the intellect is about. These two, the intellect and the heart, come together in love and understanding. In this Illumination, here we find this wholeness of our Self, the Knowing that knows it knows. We have found the Holy Trinity – Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity Itself. The holy Child knows these three are One Mind, one Love and Lives in this honest, joyful understanding.