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Wild Flowers – Sandy Jones

There is no reason NOT to live in this joyous Light of honest understanding when it shows up in our Life. This is what we were looking for. We know what has been shown to us. This Way leads us into the holy wonderland Honest, Joyful Knowing. Why would we go back to the erroneous, limited, fictitious way of being? Not now, not when the doors to this glorious Reality of Living Peace and Understanding has been opened within us. There is no way to solve the corruption and deception going on in our world, except to uncover, excavate, claim this Honest Self, and Live from the Light of this Real Self we are. One day we see It, and we walk right on through into Reality. No hesitation, as we come alive to our Heritage, our genuine Freedom. And then we understand exactly why we do not take any sides with the corruption and deception happening in our world. We stay Here and we See our world transformed by this Light of Truth, right here, we find the holy place, right where we are.