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The Meadow –Sandy Jones

This heavenly Peace awakens me. It opens another realm, a slight shift happens. This imperceptible mystery enters, as the holy Light comes shining bright. Then, right here, I’m in the Meadow, as this galavanting beauty frees my spirit, returns, takes my hand to dance again. I am transported and my world is seen with new eyes. All becomes heavenly, twinkling with magic. The sweet, fresh air moves, unloosed from the lies and imposters that betray the world since time began. Now we hear this song of Life singing with the trees and birds and all the tiny, tender things. To let this romantic, soothing, warmth of love and truth move us, lift us higher. We are awakened to this marvelous freedom of the ungovernable holy Child that God has given us to be. It is now understood. All we felt had been lost, now is found, returned. It all comes clear. Thus, “In the twinkling of an eye, we behold a mystery. Not everyone will see it, but everyone will be changed.” Seems the time is come as this Illumination brings the boundless Splendor of Reality.