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Piano-Sandy Jones

The holy Symphony of Life reveals that people are individual Songs, each rooted in Harmony. The Harmony is the Ineffable Godhead, unknowable, infinite and eternal One. The Harmony is beyond comprehension by the mortal mind. God is the Music which comes forth from the Harmony. And each person, every identity is a Song. Each Song is distinctly individual. The Harmony is Godhead, the Infinity from which God the Music brings forth Its infinite, immutable, everlasting Songs. The Songs, the varied individuals, are made of this Music that God is. Therefore, we have One Harmony, knowing Itself through the Music of God, which brings to Life the Songs we are. Without the Ineffable Harmony there is no Music and without the Music, no Songs would exist. But, no matter what we think, we do know we exist – and so It Is – we are the Song of God