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Dazzled In Pink – Sandy Jones

The jasmine are in bloom again, filling the air with their heavenly sweet scent. And I can see the materialist perspective we are taught – is not true. Matter doesn’t control or create God. God is the All, the Isness of Life, the Light of Life that is being our Identity. The shift in perspective happens within us, when we see through this material world, realizing matter is the ever-changing scene, ephemeral images, nothing real and nothing to fear. Reality Itself is the Infinite Mind, the very Light of God. Life and Its Awareness are not subject to matter, not beholden to the images within It’s Awareness. Human authorities and their mistaken sense of reality have no power over Life. We have found our Self, our Real Identity, the holy Child we are. It is freedom itself, It is our Immutable holy Spirit. And we see the powerlessness of the erroneous materialist belief system. This experience is a magical wonder-world of God, holographic reflections of the Divine Light, all of it, the good and bad of it, as the shadow leads to the Tree. The Tree is Reality, the Immeasurable, Invisible Godhead, Presence, the Zero Point Light and Its Self image as this Child of God we are. There is no other Reality but God Itself, God Being All That Is, including Its Images within Its Self-Awareness. Love and God is the Life and Light we are, One Eternal and All.