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Blue Vase- Sandy Jones

Time to turn around. There are just too many lies and delusions. So much so, that it might push us to see this world is unreal, ephemeral reflections – not the materialist view we have all come to accept and lean on. This is a world of Divine Light being the appearances, images, all seeming to be solid and objective. We’ve been conditioned to believe reality is made of time and matter. Soon we will realize that we are seeing temporal images moving on the screen of the Eternal Light of Life that is Unchanging and REAL. There is Only One That Is. Aha, how to say it – but to try. And so there is no right path or wrong path, no governing system, no ideology, no religion, no science and no persons who claim to be the authority that is going to save the world. Rather there is the Identity being You already – and your own discovery of It. We turn around and find what is Real is right here being this divine Identity we are and always will be.. “In the twinkling of an eye: “Behold, I show you a mystery; We may not all awaken, but we shall all be changed….”