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Floral Panache –Sandy Jones

Uh, the stupidity, the cupidity of organizations or individuals who hold to the belief that they are guardians of Truth, or protectors of our lives. Yet, how necessary they are at the same time. How would one know—and know he knows—that Truth is the living reality of this God Self, this Identity one is already, here and now. We wouldn’t know, unless we had struggled for a time believing this Light of Life to be somewhere else at another time and only given to certain people. How could one ever discover that he himself is the ‘way,’ unless he’s struggled in vain to find the answers in politics, or government, religions, or science and someone else’s beliefs, no matter how sincere? We finally discover “I am the Truth” when we realize the organizations, the guardians, the leaders of lost sheep cannot protect the Truth. The Truth is Here available to All. We learn-beyond-hypotheses that Truth can’t be contaminated or fettered, or kept from anyone. We perceive the leaderlessness of Allness exactly because of the presumptuousness of those claiming to be in charge. Truth accepts Godhead to be its leader—and nothing other. What in the world can an organization do to protect the Light of Life? What purpose can it serve except to make obvious the contrary of that claim? Life needs no protecting. The Life you are, the Truth you are, is you, always you. We got this. It’s ours. Live It.