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Daylight – Sandy Jones

Everything comes together through Illumination within the Heart of us. The visible, tangible world of measurable light, merges softly, inexplicably, with the Immeasurable, Invisible Light of the Infinite Presence. The two come together, the way the focus on binoculars become one clear view. The merge takes place here within our Heart. Matter unites with the Unseen Light and we feel moved by the Love felt between those two. This Love brings the remembrance of the holy Child, the Christ Light of Life, our Original Nature. This is the Holy Trinity; the objective world of time and matter, the subjective Light of Awareness, and our Self-Knowing Identity. Three that are One, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, here as the eternal Self we are. This Child is the Christ Light, like the photon, here, there and everywhere at once. The Child is the point of interface with the Ineffable, the Mountain Beyond Name. The Child Lives balanced and free, fearless and steady upon the understanding of “What Is” and “what is not,” right here in the world. The holy Child is not drawn to believe in the old precepts, the lies the ‘old man’ lives by. The holy Child knows and Lives as the Light of this Holy Trinity being All That Is.