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Flower Fairies – Sandy Jones

Everything is of Divine Mind. This holy Presence IS the common denominator of all things. What is “within” is seen “out there” – we are the world we walk through. Thus the wealth of a country is measured by the level of joy and balanced-health of its people. Our country, our world is off balance. Balance is found through Self-discovery and Living those glimpses of Truth that come to us. Whenever we have had a glimpse, we have come back to childlikeness, for the briefest moment. To change the glimpse into the Light of the noonday sun, it is only necessary to come back to this childlikeness, this innocence, our divine nature, the pure Heart – and stay there – living the glimpses that this holy Child makes possible. Childlikeness is simple honesty with oneself. Those who have found this childlikeness Live this Balanced-Health. It is an Understanding that abides in Peace – and It grows, It unfolds, It shows us the Way through this world. It is wonderful. We find our True Identity, we Live the Joy It brings us. Then, one by one, we will see this a joyful, prosperous and wealthy country. The Way God has given us to know, to do, to live and be.