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Fanny’s St.Tropez Sandy Jones

Life is not subject to, nor under the influence of the temporal, objective, materialist beliefs. Think whatever we want to think, Life goes on, untouched. Life, the Life you really are, is the unbound, immortal, everlasting Light. God’s Self-knowing Awareness is the Identity you are; the holy Child of God. You are not bound in slavery to mortal mind and it’s false precepts, nor is your Joy and Love restrained by the limited appearance of birth, death, time and matter. We can break free from the false beliefs and Live the Unbound Wonders of Life Itself. We can be forever free from the limited beliefs. Knowing our Divine Essence, we recognize the powerlessness of the authoritarian governments that disregard and do not acknowledge the Living Truth of our Real and Spiritual Nature. The holy Child we are is eternal. Knowing this, we don’t fear the appearances, the images seen within the Light of God’s Mind. Your Identity Lives beyond the fictitious thinking, the false framework. There is only One Light of Life, It is the Unbound, Infinite Splendor of God Being ALL That You Are. Now we stake our claim, and Live our Divine Heritage.