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Blankets – Sandy Jones

Always trust your Self, do it your way – not the way of narrow conditioned beliefs. Find that True Light within you. It is your Soul, and it knows how to guide you on this marvelous journey through the worldly realm of time-birth-death. Life becomes so much richer when we let go of how we think things are supposed to be. Life cannot be controlled. Life is God’s Living Infinity and Life is not subject to ‘it’s supposed to.’ Life does what It does. Life is our Identity. Life has no opposite. Life Lives. It is the Unbound Light of Awareness. No one can control this Infinite ever-expansive, unfolding Light you are. When we rediscover our Original Nature, we no longer fear the world nor wish to control Life. We have found the Self that exists before we came into this world, the Self that lives on after we leave this world. The holy Child is carefree, unconditioned, eternal Life Itself. This childlike Joy we discover Is Self-evident. It’s always here, It is trustworthy, honest and it is with us, right here in the world, always, wherever we go.