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Sailing – Sandy Jones

Living in optimistic expectation, we find this divine power within that manifests in our lives as miracles and wonders. We really are made of divine Light. Live knowing this, and you’ll see how God’s Infinite Mind is perfectly in tune with all that you need. We are fully aware of this divine synchronicity that smiles at science and plays with theology, while undermining them both. From this liberated standpoint we know that the real power is within us. It is the alchemy of honesty and love that brings Its powerful solution beyond the rationalist’s limits. To tenderly know that there is an eternal soul and it is childlike and pure, innocent, illumined and free. It is for us to recall and reclaim our uninhibited joy, the spirit of those summer days at the beach, riding the waves, feeling the sunshine on our wet skin. All the the sensations we felt as little children, return to us again. We hold the mystical power, we live the alchemy of love and we delight in the laughter of this playful divine Life, the Real Identity we are