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Cat On Red – Sandy Jones

Words, words sit very close to God’s Being. Consider God as the Invisible Divine First Principle. And consider that letters come from an invisible principle called the alphabet. Like all principles, we can’t see or touch the principle itself, but we use principles all the time, they are always available, always here. God is the First Principle, One and All Inclusive. Even though we can’t actually see or touch God, we know the Principle of God exists, because this world exists, it’s always here. So there it is, my Love for words and my love for the Divine Principle of Life. I like to use words to enlighten the vistas of my world, to lift the heart, to see, feel and know God’s Presence is Real and is here. We know the world is here, so we know there is a Divine Principle, an Invisible Source behind this tangible world. The world we see is the evidence of God. The Primary, Absolute Principle of Godhead is obviously here and Real. How amazing Life is. We are living God’s Infinite Unseen Light as this world of God’s Principle in perfect action. The Divine Principle is Real, the Everlasting One, the Infinite Source of all that is.