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Songbirds –Sandy Jones

We find our Real Identity to be this Unbound Awareness that Is Life Itself. We do this and then we are released from the false beliefs based on guilt. All the authoritarian control and suffering on the world scene is made possible because we have accepted this belief in guilt. But, you are not guilty. When we no longer accept the belief in guilt, we do not hold an “out there” in bondage. We are no longer slaves to the false precepts. We know that anyone who tries to deny others of their freedom by making them feel guilty or fearful, has no real authority at all. The external appearances are not responsible to us or for us. We do not give anything or anyone ‘out there’ the power to make us happy or unhappy. We stand as immutable Perfection itself. Nothing can prevail over this holy Child we are. In the Joy of ‘not guilty’ we know that no one is indebted to another. No one owes anyone anything. We are the Living freedom of this Unbound Light of God’s Living Presence. We release ourselves and exercise the freedom we are. The real authority is within. We find our fearless dominion that comes with knowing guilt has no reality in Truth. Therefore we see the Light and we are not ‘buying into’ this world-wide ruse trying to enslave us through guilt. That’s an age old method that no one should be fooled by.