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Green Chair – SandyJones

It is time to awaken to our Honest Identity if we want to see an Honest world out there. In Truth, the world “out there” is not separate from our Identity. The problems in our world begin with the mistaken belief about our very own Selfhood. We are mis-informed, and the mis-information is reflected in the world. It’s quantum physics at its finest; What we be is what we see. We won’t ever see anything or anyone being truthful in our world, until and unless we each awaken to the Truth within ourself. In Truth we are the holy Child made in the Image of God. If we want to see a world without fear in the seat of control, we begin with the realization that “out there” is the reflection of “in here.” There is no way around it. No government, no drug, no political party, no authority, no ideology ruling the world can break this spell of mistaken identity. The only way to remedy this situation is to begin with Self-discovery find the Living Truth within us. Our Real Heritage is Divine, the Ageless Imprint within us that comes from God. Our Real Identity is eternal, doesn’t grow weary, or weak, nor aged or helpless – and It right here, always. We change our world when we realize God really is All that is and Live It. We do this and we will see that innocent, pure, honest Child “in here” reflected in the world “out there.”