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Yellow Chair -Sandy Jones

We can find Real freedom, right here in the world, just as it is, when we don’t limit ourselves to trusting the intellect alone. Open the Heart and feel the tender innocence of our True Nature. Listen to the Inner Truth that is always present. After all, we come from the Light and this holy Imprint, the Eternal message is written our Heart. Letting our Heart lead us, we develop ever wider attitudes of awareness, clarity and unbound vision. Fear vanishes as we ease away from the intellectual intensity that seeks to overwhelm. We see through commercialized, restricting, conforming, uninspired, weary, weak institutionalized beliefs. We look within and find our Original Soul that is untouched by time and matter. With our Heart open, we hear the Song of Life and Live again. Love is our veritable Identity and Love is supremely Simple. This childlike Simplicity is dismissed as ephemeral and confusing to the intellect, but the holy Child of us cannot be bamboozled by the double-talk and controlling hypocrisy. We are awakening, seeing through the deception, and coming to know the divine Simplicity of the honest holy Child we are – and have always been. The pure Heart cannot be misled, cannot be fooled, the Heart of us understands.