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Sweet Wonder – Sandy Jones

As Lao-Tze points out, “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.” That’s a most brilliant statement and it seems ever so true. We can see how dealing with the world from the old unreal beliefs based on mistaken identity only makes things worse. This holy Child we are can See the Truth and knows Life is the Living Presence of God and the childlike wonder we are always looks for the Good that is present, expecting to see it, we see it. This Life is God’s viewing. No matter how desperately we cling to the belief that we possess this Life – we don’t. Life is God’s alone. So then, why try to change God’s view. We are God’s Seeing and Being. We let this Light be with us, we Live as the holy Child right here on earth. But the sweetest thing is this; when we Live from this Light of Good, we find the scene revealing the Scene, Heaven on Earth, the Perfect Vessel, right here.