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BlanketsSandy Jones

No doubt here. We are the world we walk through. The inside is the outside. As above so below. The world is a reflection of “in here’. When we know who we really are, the confusion, mayhem, the lies and deceptions in our world will come to an end. Once we find our True Identity, one by one, individually, our world will be seen as the living Light, the totality of the receptive Heart we really are. We will Live again from the Real Self, the divine, super-sensible inversion of things. And we will see this Infinite Love and Understanding manifesting right here in our world. The Goodness of this Joyful heart will be seen as the New Day. As we each find this wholeness within our self, we see our world wholly. We will know we have always been on Holy Ground. The Real Authority is within us, not out there, not in government, not in others. It becomes Self-evident that this entire experience of Life is within us. There is no intermediary between our Identity, Awareness and God/Life Itself. There is magic here, there is sparkling beauty in your eyes, it is the Light of Life and it is who you are.