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Floral In PinkSandy Jones

Among the Joyful wonders we find when we re-discover our Real Identity, is that Identity doesn’t die. The forms change, matter and time are not permanent, but our Identity is eternal. We understand that we’re not inside the form – the form is within the Light of Life and this Life is being this Identity we are. The measurable things of the world, all that we call matter and time – are nothing real. That which is Real has no beginning and no end. The things that change, that come and go, matter and time, exist within the Immeasurable, Unchanging Totality of God. God is this Light of Life, It is Here as this very Awareness we are. We are the Seeing and Being of this glorious Mystery, this Eternal Presence. There is no death, there is only the appearances of form leaving this arena of images. Life’s eternity is God’s alone. And God’s Presence is Here and Now. God is the Awareness of this human experience of ongoing, unfolding ever-changing images within Its Self-Awareness. This Real Identity is one with the Light of this Living, glorious Mystery. We are the holy Child of Eternal Presence. We are made in the image and likeness of God. The holy Child is not the appearing, not the seeming of time, filled with the ten thousand things in ever-flowing change. Sweet Lord of my Soul – Thank You – oh yes indeed