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Blue Vase – Sandy Jones

The Good news is that there is nothing that can separate you from your Self, the Light of Living Truth, the Real Identity You are. Your divine rights come directly from Life Itself and Life alone – and no one – no matter what label they go by – no one owns God and no one owns God’s Awareness, the very Light of Life we are. You know this. In Reality you are the unfolding, ongoing process of God comprehending, apprehending, knowing God-self. Be true to yourself, your divine Identity, the Original Love you came here with. This divine union with Life is always here, right here and it is between you – who you are right now – and God alone. The two that are one inseparable Isness. We are here for the purpose of Self-discovery, here to find our Real Identity. Find the holy Child, uncover our true Identity. When we do – Life becomes this marvelous, wondrous, unbridled trip that shows us the Way. One to one with God and God’s Awareness. You are living the unbound freedom within the protective guidance of Love.