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The Child Within by Alexa Bliss Jones Roth

And thus, along the way, I was surprised to find my Self. This is It, the pure, natural, holy nature, the Self of us that is in tune with the stars and the sun and the moon, the sweet green waves of grass blowing in the wind. Uncovered we hear the trees, the earth, the sky. We know our Self as this Living Infinite Breath of Life. Our heart is exposed, open to this bountiful beauty of Something that touches the Splendor of this heavenly Light. Oh yes It does, and we know. Now we live again, not someday, but now. We are here now. It is given to us to listen to the deep sound within, the holy Child steeped in the ancient wisdom of heavenly wonder – and we Live again. You are the deathless Life of Infinite Mind, the Intelligence of God. Listen to your pure Identity, it is Real, it is you. Oceans of glistening water dancing in the sunlight, unaltered, unchanged, Living waters, sea of Life. It is all within. No longer captured, imprisoned by the noisy ruckus of clanging hysteria, arrogance bellowing through the crumbling halls of despotic nothingness. We are free – always have been. Ever since I found you, holy Child-heart – I am still amazed, still tenderly moved by this gentle beauty and divine strength you have shown me and given me to live by.