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Garden Table – Sandy Jones

This Life of you and me, our very being, is the essence of love. We are the holy spirit of Life that burns warm and lifts us up and carries us, moving along within the Mind of God. It is Real, it is this uplifting joy, this powerful, tender beauty that brings everything to Life with Knowing. God is the Knowing One, it smiles, it loves, because it is love, and this love takes good care of Itself. Every moment, this moment of existence, this moment being you and me, is the Isness and Being of Infinite Mind. It is the Living Splendor behind all things, the seen and unseen. Love gives and laughs and delights in this world. All the changing, the ongoingness of everything, it’s all the living vision, the Light of heaven on earth. This holy Child within lives the divine Balance and sees heaven on earth. The mist vanishes, to reveal the glorious, perfect world already here, right here, right where we are.